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Credits: Sound and Editor

The Elevation Voices

Here is one of many videos in a series that we worked on for The Elevation Voices. Due to social distancing restrictions caused by Covid-19, this video had to be created from video recordings that each member of the Choir sent. On one level this might seem to be an easy solution to the sometimes tricky process of creating a music video especially when a number of people are involved; However this music video still proved quite difficult to put together as each member of the choir recorded their videos in different lighting situations, different camera positions and using different mobile devices. This meant that much more post production work had to be done in Adobe Premiere Pro to balance the light levels, colour and composition to make sure each person was in the middle of the frame.

And that was just the visuals, it was another story and mission entirely when it came to the sound. Again the main issue was that each person recorded in entirely different environments. Some had background noise and echo, some were either too low or just too loud and the most challenging was that some sand in time and others out of time. Again this just meant more work had to be done in Logic Pro X to edit the audio, sync each person up, correct some wrong notes, level out each person and place them in a mix in line with the backing track and the Lead Vocal. All in all, although quite challenging, this was a fun project and one that we're quite proud of the end result.

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Credits: Director, Sound, Cam Operator and Editor

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Joy Ibisa Odogo

Working with this artist was a true pleasure as she gave us creative freedom from the concept to the execution of the music videos we did with her. For this video the goal was to shoot a well-produced video to go alongside a well recorded cover of a known song and to also use one recording location to the best of our imagination. The location we used was the auditorium of a church and this was lit with coloured spotlights to set the mode. The goal with the lighting was to make the artist her the centre of attention from the very beginning and then maintain that throughout the song. Overall this was a successful, fun shoot and although there was issues in post when it came to creating that one-take feel (due to some errors that happened whilst recording) we were able to use light leaks to create seem-less cuts between different takes.

Credits: Director, Editor


This was another artist that gave us full freedom to really explore the concepts behind the song and portray that through the music video. The one main concept that the songs speaks on was that of  a "New Beginning'" as the song is also called. The idea was tell a short story within the music video and use that as an attempt to express the mental state of the artist during the time of writing the song. The music video also features multiple locations that really expressed the freedom of the new season that the artist sings about in the song. We also used the colour grading as a way of expressing the perspective of the artist and how he is now seeing everything in a new positive light, as if to say that his eyes are now open as he embraces a 'New beginning' in his life.

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TIm Hocks

As the first Artist that we worked with, Tim Hocks wanted to showcase his talent as a multi-instrumentalist and to do it in the most creative way. And so as part of the shooting process we went to his home studio in Germany to capture the full creative process. There were many challenges to overcome as this was the first music video - one of which was trying to shoot handheld whilst moving and making sure the shots were not shaky. Overall however the music video came together well and the artist was so pleased that he came to us to capture all his music videos as part of his release process. 

Credits: Cam Operator, Editor

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