Vox Markets

This video was one of many series we worked on for Vox Markets and it was set up as a sit down podcast where the host would go into deep discussions with fund managers both about the markets and funds they managed; but more importantly into their backgrounds and some of their inspirations behind going into fund management and also their thought process and approach when it came to their style of fund management. And as a sit down corporate conversation, this was done with the basic set up of having two cameras - One for both the guest and the host whilst the other other camera was focused on the guest.

Credits: Set Design, Sound, Lighting, Cam Operator and Editor

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 This helped the conversation because the camera angles could be alternated especially when the guest was speaking and this made sure that the content was both simple and also contained enough visual content to hold the viewer's attention. Watch the full video here

Credits: Talent, Sound, Animations, Cam Operator and Editor

HGCC The Elevation Point

Being one of the first charities we worked with, we've had the pleasure of creating a plethora of content for HGCC The Elevation and here is one example of the news style videos we've produced for them. For these types of videos, a lot of elements are needed, from things like voice overs to B-roll, stock images, stock videos, royalty free music, Vfx, sfx, etc. But as an ongoing series, once the assets are put together, they can be recycled from one news update to the next, this makes the post production process smoother and gave room to make improvements on other areas of the video production.

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Credits: Director, Sound, Lighting, Cam Operator, Editor

Karen Gold

This was one of the first video we worked on with this client. It was a piece that was put together to tell the story of the London Fashion Designer. Set in one of her studios this introduction to the designer's inspiration behind starting her brand is intended to be intimate and personal; hence the use of close ups and b-roll that show her designing process. The video was a success in the intention to tell a story about the designer; since then, we've had the privilege of telling many more stories for the designer - whether it was commercials for new collections or covering fashion shows - we've been able to build a strong partnership with the eclectic up and coming fashion designer.

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